5. Tutoriels

The tutorials have been developed and administrated by Dr Benjamin Auer, Clinical Nuclear Medicine Physicist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Contact: <bauer@bwh.harvard.edu>). Dr. Sophia Pells, Post-Doctoral Associate at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School, and Dr. Emilie Roncali, Associate Professor at the University of California Davis, are associate editors of the tutorials.

Several tutorials were created for [GATE](http://www.opengatecollaboration.org) (SPECT/PET Imaging and Internal Dosimetry) and [CASToR](https://castor-project.org) (SPECT Reconstruction) and are available on GitHub.

GATE and CASToR macros and step-by-step guidance can be accessed via the links below. We also offer a digital phantom library for quality control and realistic clinical studies. The digital phantoms described and distributed free-of-charge can be incorporated in GATE for emulating nuclear medicine acquisition. We provide Defrise, Derenzo, and Jaszczak phantoms used in quality control procedures. Additionally, we provide digital phantoms emulating clinical <sup>177</sup>Lu-DOTATATE, brain perfusion, dopamine transporter, and glioblastoma radiotracer distribution.

The open-source mesh50_XCAT phantom based on the 4D extended cardiac-torso digital anthropomorphic ([XCAT](https://otc.duke.edu/industry-investors/available-technologies/xcat/)) human phantom can be downloaded [here](https://github.com/BenAuer2021/Mesh-based-Human-Phantom-for-Simulation/edit/main/README.md). We provide digital activity phantoms emulating clinical skeletal, thyroid, brain DaT, and brain perfusion radiotracer distribution. Additionally, we provide a tutorial on GATE data analysis via ROOT and Python, along with sample codes.

Tutorials cover the following aspects, - Build and run realistic simulations using open-source phantoms and software (GATE). - Analyze the simulated data with open-source software (ROOT and Python). - Reconstruct the simulated data with open-source software (CASToR). - Download and Use the benchmark examples emulating clinical acquisition.

Links to the Tutorials, - Presentation of the tutorial content à https://github.com/BenAuer2021/SNMMI_2023_Session

Courtesy of Auer Benjamin and Pells Sophia.