1. Installation Guide V9.4

1.1. How to retrieve GATE

There are several ways to get a working GATE installation on your computer depending on your system and your needs.

For macOS users, you can install pre-compiled version of GATE (via MacPorts) or you can compile it (Compiling GATE V9.4).

For linux users, you can use docker version (no compilation), singularity (from docker, no compilation) or you can compile it.

For windows, we provide vGATE, an complete virtual machine which runs ubuntu with GATE already installed.

1.2. Without compilation

1.2.1. Installing with MacPorts (macOS users only)

GATE can be installed on Mac OS X by following the previous installation instruction on Linux. An alternative way is to install Gate via MacPorts (http://www.macports.org/) with:

sudo port install gate

Apart from the Gate command this also installs a standalone app:


(Thanks Mojca Miklavec for this contribution).

1.2.2. With Docker

See GATE using Docker

1.2.3. Via virtual machine

See vGate (virtual Gate)

1.3. Compiling GATE (macOS, unix and linux users)

See dedicated page : Compiling GATE V9.4

1.4. Validating Installation

If you are able to run Gate after installation by typing:


it is an indication that your installation was successful.

However, before you do any research, it is highly recommended that you validate your installation.

See Validating Installation for benchmarks and further information.

1.5. Other Web Sites